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Our Grading System

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Here at the Record Store of Alexandria we, as with many in the industry, adhere to the Discogs grading system for our vinyls. Here's a brief rundown of how it works:

  • M - Mint - Means this is a sealed record.

  • NM - Near Mint - Close to mint, but is out of plastic.

  • VG+ - Very Good Plus - A record/sleeve with perhaps an imperfection or two, but plays or looks great.

  • VG - Very Good - Similar to VG+, but with more imperfections.

  • G+ - Good Plus - Records and sleeves are mostly great, but have more imperfections than a VG record

  • G - Good - Record should play mostly through, but will have a hiss and likely has a number of imperfections or scratches. Sleeve art is mostly good, but may be splitting or have a tear.

  • F - Fair - A fair record is worse than G, and has more problems. May skip or may have a heavy hiss. Sleeve could be completely split or have damage to the cover art.

  • P - Poor - Means that the record is barely playable or has severe problems. Sleeve is heavily damaged.

  • Generic - Refers to either the inner or outer sleeve not being original.

Check out their website for more information on the Discogs grading system.

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